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The History of Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis Branding

In 2011 Kelly and Liz decided they needed a website for their Reiki business. They were offering Reiki sessions for adults and children, and a Reiki certification class is for the same.

They were just starting off and didn’t have a big budget at all. So we sat down and worked together. I set up the website’s shell with the theme that I designed and put together.

Creating a logo, business card, brochure, and website to give a hypnotherapist business a professional branded look and feel

I created the logo by manipulating some clip art, and manipulating text in Adobe Illustrator Once they had artwork, they ordered business cards and began marketing their business with a branded “look and feel.”

It was best to create their site on WordPress so they could easily add their own content without hiring me.

They had to learn the basics, so I included a few classes on creating a page or a post. And the difference between the two.

Over the years, Kelly and Liz added content and photos as they saw necessary. They were also taught how to add new menu items to expand their website navigation.

old website of hearts in harmony welness

The Business Takes a Turn

The two partners decided to split up with Liz leaning towards Reiki and Kelly leaning toward Hypnotherapy. They were both focusing on a different specialization, and they were also going to be living hundreds of miles from each other.

At that point, Kelly handed off the website to Liz, and asked me to start a new one. After I put the new theme together and started to, Kelly began to add more content.

At this point I thought she had it all handled by herself, but she was adding copy from her other website. The problem with duplicate copy is it confuses the search engines. They don’t know who the original was, and it sets off an alarm that one person copied from the other.

At the same time, because Kelly registered a new domain name, she was getting bombarded with offers on how to make her website rank better.

The problem with these kinds of offers is they work in a cookie-cutter atmosphere. Every website gets the same treatment. They also don’t know your geographical area, as well as somebody from the same country.

The Hypnosis Website Invested in Dubious SEO

Without understanding the technology field or the whole SEO business, it could be a jungle for the amateur. And that’s what Kelly found out. She hired people she thought she could trust, and paid a lot of money, and got blacklisted from Google for dubious business practices.

By the time she returned to me, she was done laying out lots of money with very little return, if any. Her website suffered the consequences and the money she paid was wasted.

old website of hearts in harmony hypnosis

Time Honored Advice Never Fails

Website SEO that never fails is the same advice from the beginning of internet time, “Content is King.” With that said, we need to remember what the search engines want to do. They want to do the same thing you want to do, they want to satisfy their customers.

Search engines satisfy their customers needs by showing them websites that they need according to what they type into the search engine or speak into a device. If you want clients to see your website, you need to make sure your website has all the components that search engines need to understand what your business is all about.

By helping Kelly add more content, and optimizing each page for search engines to know what the page is about, she began getting phone calls for her services.


Onward and Upward

It took some time to help Hearts in Harmony to undo the damage from hiring firms that had a good pitch. And now her website is working for her 24 / 7, helping her get more clients than she ever envisioned.

TL;DR: Branding can change as your business grows. Change with it. 

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