About us

Our roots go back to the olden days when ordering type from a font house was a mathematical exercise. Back when lines were drawn with a ruling pen, and color printing was the measure of a healthy budget. 

Although everything in concept, design, and marketing has changed, the basics of value have not. 

Value and honesty are our pride and joy

Over 5 decades of marketing expertise, we have had a collective total of 4 unsatisfied clients. We admit we cannot please everyone. 

Cartoon of woman's hand holding up a peace sign in front of a heart

What we do

We take on jobs we know are not money pits. Honest work for honest prices. If it looks like a good fit between us, we then audit the market and decide the best way to move forward together.

We do not take on clients that are better off served in other marketing channels 

If your customers are not searching for you online, then you’ll need other ways of connecting. This can include outreach focus groups, networking, etc. We have a wonderful association with many colleagues that are experts in this space. We’d be happy to refer you to them. 

Case study of SEO for allergy asthma network which includes 400% increase in traffic
SEO Case Study

Short and Long Term Relationships

At Shallcross Marketing, we invest our thought power and energy into clients. Keeping a small number of clients long term enables us to dive deeply into their business and provide support. 

We also welcome one-off projects to keep work interesting and fun. We thrive on espresso and deadlines. 

If you got this far, mention “applesauce” during the initial call and get a complimentary 360 Overview Marketing Analysis. 

Meet the Team

As a growth-oriented marketing agency, we are all about results. That’s why we bring together a team of experts who are the best at what they do. We believe that honesty and integrity are essential to building lasting client relationships. We’ll work together to provide a clear path ahead.