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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing SEO

Fluffy marketing and inflated prices make outsourcing SEO a tough call. With this minefield at your disposal, how do you cut through the noise? It is no secret that there are many pitfalls to outsourcing SEO, but there are ways to make it work well.

In this post, we will discuss the various mistakes businesses make in outsourcing their SEO campaigns, and the steps you should take to rectify them.

1. Outsourcing completely

SEO is deeply ingrained in most companies. As a business owner, SEO should be a top priority. You can’t simply hire an outsourced SEO agency, leave the SEO campaigns in their hands and forget about them.

Even if your SEO agency is top-class, you need to stay connected with them and work in sync to communicate your ideas and business goals. Become a part of their SEO portfolio, monitoring every move and campaign that the SEO agency conducts.

When your SEO agency completely aligns with your goals, they will nurture better SEO campaigns. Monitoring your SEO marketing campaigns will give out better results and they will reproduce your business voice in a much better way. When your SEO team responds with certain ideas and content pieces, give them feedback. Let them know what you think and if you do not agree with the content, let them know. Suggest changes and motivate them to do better. With you by their side, the SEO team will be pepped up to deliver outstanding results.

When your SEO team responds with certain ideas and content pieces, give them feedback. Let them know what you think. If you do not agree with the content, tell them. Suggest changes and motivate them to do better. With you by their side, the SEO team will be pepped up to deliver outstanding results.

2.  Poor selection of outsourcing team

There is a high possibility that you have simply hired the wrong team. When looking for a competent SEO agency, it is easy to get lured by low costs and high promises. However, eventually, the SEO team fails to deliver. What you save in terms of money, you can lose in time when you receive poor quality services.

Also, you might be confronted with additional costs that were not discussed at the onset. Or, your SEO team is making marketing campaigns based on obsolete and outdated SEO guidelines. The result is poorly framed SEO campaigns that do not lead to conversions and drive your clients away.

The best way to steer clear of an underperforming SEO team is to check for reviews and customer feedback before hiring them for your services. Make sure that your SEO team is well-researched and abreast with the latest Search Engine algorithms and guidelines issued by Google, and other giant Search Engines.

Hire a reputed firm specializing in churning out exemplary SEO marketing plans that immensely benefit your business. Your SEO team must be experienced in handling the online marketing, social media management, and all digital promotions of your niche business.

3. No proper direction

With constantly changing SEO algorithms, relevant and high-quality content is an essential piece that should be included in every business’s marketing arsenal. Never compromise on the quality of your content. However, the biggest challenge faced by a content curator is a lack of information and guidance. Clients send random articles where no detailed information is given. The writer is subsequently left with guesswork about what exactly the client expects.

The result?

The writer provides a blog that is not suitable for the SEO campaign. As a business owner, you do not have to provide the content team with a huge database of instructions. Just be precise and crisp about your content expectations, link building, and keywords. You can also provide reference sites that give the writer a clear view of what you are looking at.

Another tip, if you compromise on the price that you pay your content writer, you will be presented with sub-standard content that would not rank well in Search Engines. Hire an experienced content creator who knows their job and will produce a well-optimized article.

4. Not having innovative ideas

With increasing competition and readers getting bored easily, marketing ideas must be innovative and brimming with new ideas and energy. Your ideas must have the power to compel the target audience to take the required action, whether it be clicking a button, asking a query, buying a product, etc.

 However, SEO teams and content curators don’t have enough ideas generated around their topic. They simply lack thinking out of the box and run out of creative ways to develop new ideas.

Never compromise on the quality of your content or look for shortcuts to content curation. Besides, you are writing for your readers and NOT for Google. If your article does not solve user queries or presents them with solutions to their problems, the readers will not return to your webpage. Ultimately, the entire purpose of your SEO campaign will fail.

5. Viewing SEO as a short-term strategy

So your initial SEO campaigns were successful, and you do not want to spend more time or money on SEO. On the other hand, maybe your SEO marketing has not given you any returns, and you are considering abandoning the campaign. Marketers tend to give up quickly when their SEO metrics don’t improve. What they fail to realize is that SEO is a long-term process and you might not witness significant organic traffic growth in the first few weeks.

Do not give up on your SEO efforts after initial success or failure. Make consistent SEO efforts. Even if you do not see any positive results in the first few months, do not give up. Keep going. Your hard work will pay off.


Good collaboration is essential for running a successful SEO campaign. If your SEO agency lacks responsibility and dedication, your business marketing goals can suffer. You must assess your SEO agency’s potential before assigning them your SEO campaign.

As a business owner, it is up to you to stay updated on the latest digital marketing strategies and SEO guidelines. Doing so will allow you to lead, guide, and monitor your SEO results.

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